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Take the stress out of choosing the right lawyer. Clients trust Darnell Batton Attorney at Law, to offer fair treatment no matter the case.

Our Louisburg Lawyer offers thorough and informative legal representation for accidents, DWIs, traffic offenses and other legal issues.

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You deserve a lawyer and advocate who will fight for your case. Batton has a passion for justice, and skills as an experienced attorney, backed by over 50 years of combined legal expertise. The support and skills provided at Batton Attorney at Law, are invaluable to you and your case.

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How to Find Me

Our Louisburg Lawyer, NC office is easily accessible from Franklinton, Henderson, Wake Forest, Raleigh  and Nashville.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with your Louisburg Lawyer. Call Batton, Attorney at Law, today at 919-496-1111. 

As a member of Louisburg, NC of Franklin County, I are pleased to be your Louisburg Lawyer at Batton Law. You will find that I offer legal advice and support for a wide range of legal cases. With years of experience and knowledge, I know how to help you find justice. Browse my categories of cases for more information about how I can help you solve your particular case. Read my blog for general tips and news about the categories. Or, if you need emergency help, visit my contact page to see how I can assist you. No matter what your case may be, my friendly and courteous team is available to get your case moving. If you simply want legal advice, I can provide that, too!

Louisburg Lawyer | What I Can Do for You

Most lawyers want you to choose their law firm for the sake of choosing their lawyers, but the Louisburg Lawyer of Batton Law wants you to choose a lawyer that prioritizes your needs. If you want to represent yourself in court, he will serve as your counselor and provide you legal advice for your case. If you want his representation for criminal charges or traffic charges, he has the skills and experience.

Because I have decades of experience, I offer services for a variety of cases. Traffic offenses and criminal charges top the list.

I help you know your options, defend your rights, settle your disputes, and more.

I help you fight for justice, because I believe it’s the most important part of any case, including yours.

I will be glad to discuss your needs and any questions you might have about fees, because it’s part of my motto to speak to you honestly and directly.

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