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Our Louisburg lawyer, a traffic and criminal defense attorney recognizes Memorial Day, but how about you? Are you conscious of the legislative rule put in place to honor Memorial Day? As Memorial Day 2016 is here, make sure you know how it is meant to be acknowledged in the United States of America.

According to 36 U.S. Code § 116, there are more than a few ways that the holiday is recognized in the USA. It is more than a holiday for awesome sales in home goods, mattresses, and other items like clothes. It is more than a ribs and burgers barbecue in the backyard. Indeed, Memorial Day was initiated to recognize the soldiers for the Union and Confederate armies who died in the American Civil War.

Batton is a Louisburg, NC lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney that Understands the Memorial Day Law as:

  • It is always celebrated on the last Monday in May, which is just around the corner for 2016.
  • Proclamation — As part of the holiday, the President is issued each year a proclamation that calls for four more aspects. He calls on the people of the nation to observe the day with devotions for enduring peace in their individual religions. He calls for a period of time for peace. He unites everyone in the United States through a plea, and at last, he calls on the media to join him in observing the plea for prayer.

Have a adolescent, teen, or adult of that needs helping keeping their own inner peace? So long as criminal activity continues to remain in the area of Louisburg, NC, you can depend on Batton Law to be your Criminal Defense and Traffic Defense Attorney.

Honor and Celebrate Memorial Day with Batton Law.

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