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Like everything else in the North Carolina judicial system, obtaining your attorney fees in NC is a drawn out, monumental process that requires patience and preparation on behalf of you and your Louisburg, NC lawyer. In fact, according to the North Carolina State Bar, there are numerous rules and regulations in place to ensure that you and your Louisburg, NC lawyer meet the client-lawyer regulations that are set in place to protect you during your legal trial or case. Curious about obtaining your attorney fees in the state of North Carolina? Consult with Batton Law Firm, your criminal law and traffic law attorney in the small area of Louisburg, NC. He is a native of the area; he is experienced, and he is thorough to his approach in your case whether it be for Criminal Law or Traffic Law – both of which are cases where you might find that you need a professional lawyer to represent you.

What Our Louisburg, NC Lawyer Wants You to Know about Attorney Fees

  • All advocates in the state of North Carolina “shall not make an agreement for, charge, or collect an illegal or clearly excessive fee or charge…for expenses.” There is a list of features set in place to determine what is considered “excessive.”
  • All advocates who have a disagreement over fees for a legal service must also make reasonable efforts to advise their client. They must “participate in good faith in the fee dispute resolution process”
  • All advocates in the state of North Carolina must deliberate: Rate of Fee, Terms of Payment, Prohibited Contingent Fees, Division of Fee, and Disputes Over Fees, which each come with a sub-section of requirements.

For a more detailed account of obtaining attorney fees in North Carolina, sit with Darnell Batton – your Louisburg, NC lawyer for common cases like criminal law or traffic law. Find yourself in need of an attorney in July 2016? Contact Batton Law Firm Now.

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