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Spring cleaning in 2016 is not only about cleaning your home or your vehicle. It is also about cleaning up your act. If you get into trouble over Spring break 2016 and you find that you need a Louisburg, NC lawyer, be sure to contact Batton Law for criminal defense or traffic citation defense. Our smart and innovative lawyer knows it is all too easy to end up on the wrong side of a conversation with a cop. Whether you get in trouble for a misdemeanor, possession of an illegal drug, or for a DUI or a DWI, D. Batton has you covered. He skips past the legal jargon and skips right to the chase. What are your options when you have been arrested and accused? What are your next steps? How much time do you have on your hands? How is the defender or prosecutor feeling right about now?

Take it from our Louisburg, NC lawyer, there all kinds of criminals out there in the world. There all kinds in your neighborhood alone. Who needs to clean up their act the most? Our Louisburg, NC lawyer will let you be the judge of that.

Check Out the Kinds of Top Criminals Below:

  • Passive Thieves: these criminals break into empty homes or unlocked cars. They would rather not steal when they know their victim could be around to catch them. Are you a passive thief that got caught? Get D. Batton to be your Louisburg, NC lawyer today.
  • Alcoholic Aggressive: Saint Patty’s Day 2016 is on the horizon. If you spot these individuals, they are stumbling around looking to start a fight with anyone, get a little too close to everyone, or cause some other discomfort in a public space. They get the DUIs and DWIs every weekend. Our Louisburg, NC lawyer can help with that.
  • Silent Assaulters: they are the nicest people in the world when they are out in the world. One might never guess that ulterior motives. These are your domestic abusers and types. In more ways than one, violence can get criminals into a lot of trouble. Have you gotten in trouble? Let D. Batton protect you today.

Clean Up Your Act in 2016 with Batton Law.


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