Facing Criminal Charges? Our Lawyer in Louisburg, NC Can Help You

Being accused of a crime is no small matter. You need an experienced Louisburg, NC criminal defense lawyer to help you face your charge and find a way to move in the right direction. You need assistance from Batton Attorney at Law.

In our firm, Mr. Batton has been representing clients in criminal matters for 30 years. Whether the charge involves very serious felonies or minor infractions, he takes seriously the significance and gravity of our clients being subject to criminal charges.

Consultations involve honest assessments of the evidence and penalties involved in your case. Once you retain our services, you can be assured of our very best efforts to obtain the best possible results. My fees will be reasonable, and in many cases, payment by installments may be available when necessary.

Don’t face serious charges alone. Call Batton Attorney at Law at 919-496-1111 today. 


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What I Can Do for You

Most lawyers want you to choose their law firm for the sake of choosing their lawyers, but the Louisburg Lawyer of Batton Law wants you to choose lawyers that prioritize your needs. If you want to represent yourself in court, he will serve as your counselor and provide you legal advice for your case. If you want his representation, he has the skills and experience.

He can help you represent yourself in court, even if  it means giving you legal advice to help you represent yourself. If you’re wondering what law attorneys in North Carolina can do for you, keep reading about Batton, Your Louisburg Lawyer.

Because he has three decades of experience, he offers services to people like you, who deserve their right to justice. He helps you know your options and defend your rights.

Need a Louisburg, NC lawyer? Learn more about Your Louisburg Lawyer at Batton today! 

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