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Today is Earth Day, which is a holiday designed to bring awareness to our role on planet earth, and how we can help and harm the environment.

One common way we can cause harm is through incorrect disposal of waste, and as this FBI earth day bulletin points out, doing so is not only harmful to the environment and people, but illegal and punishable by law. If you find yourself facing a fine or even jail time for it, call your Louisburg, NC lawyer.

In NC, illegal dumping (or midnight dumping, as it is also called) can carry a fine of up to $15,000 per day per violation. This is because illegal dumping can have many negative environmental impacts – including those that impact human health.

Illegal dumpsites are often ground zero for biting insects such as mosquitos, particularly sites where old tires are disposed of, since tires can hold a great deal of the stagnant water mosquitos need to breed. Mosquitos carry and spread a wide variety of harmful diseases, most currently Zika, which causes life-altering birth defects in infants.

Old building materials can contain asbestos, which we now know causes a variety of cancers including mesothelioma. Asbestos containing materials must be disposed of in a way that prevents the fibers from escaping into the air, where people might breathe them.

Drywall containing gypsum, when improperly disposed of and left to get wet and decay, can produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which smells horrible and can even explode!

In short, improper waste disposal is not only bad for the earth, it can even be a Class 1 Felony. If you know of someone engaging in illegal disposal practices, call your nearest county or city waste management officials, or the police.

If you have been accused of illegal waste disposal, or dumping, call for a Louisburg, NC lawyer.

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