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What does justice mean for you? When you are moved by a case that you see on television or hear about in the news, what about justice comes to mind? For us, “justice” stems from its original, Latin meaning. Justice is the “administration of law.” With Louisburg Lawyers, that administration can mean a lot, because we handle all kinds of cases everyday. Our general practice areas include traffic offenses, criminal charges, personal injuries, medical malpractice, business disputes, and condemnation. If you or someone you know is involved in one of these cases, we will assist you in finding justice.

Sometimes justice is hard to define.  Recently, for example, technology complicated the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which originally punished hackers who breached computer networks and stole information from them. Today, police officers and other large groups of federal companies have permission to access computers for information. Should the law be changed for certain groups? Should it be rewritten with today’s standards? According to a recent U.S. News article, it seems the best solution is a combination of both. The U.S Justice Department suggests the law be broken when the following occurs:

  • someone purposely exceeds authorized access
  • the computer access targets a government database
  • the computer access is used for blackmailing a colleague

As technology continues to grow and individuals continue to test the limitations of laws, there will be more need for legal adjustment. With Batton & Guin, we skip the unnecessary legal language and get to the facts of your case. We let you know what options you have, so that you can decide what may be best for your particular case. Not sure you have a case? Not sure you deserve justice? Meet with us today and you will discover exactly what needs to happen for you to find success with your legal concerns.

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