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Louisburg lawyersWhen you have seen as many cases of traffic offenses as ours, you start to wonder what you can do to prevent DUIs and DWIs. These citations happen nearly every day in U.S, and they almost always occur around holidays. It is a New Year and we want to celebrate with the reminder that though you have a whole year ahead, life is just too short to do something silly. Drinking and driving is one of those silly acts. Because people still continue to do it, however, our Louisburg, NC office will continue to keep everyone informed about the dangers of it. We also continue to defend anyone who winds up in one of these cases, because that is part of what our Louisburg lawyers do. We see you through your legal case, because we believe in your potential.

Our Louisburg Lawyers Want to Stop You from…

…ending up on the wrong side of the road. If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and alcohol is involved, you can end up in a world of trouble. As a parent, of course you want to be there for everything. You want to be there for the first word and step. You want to be there for the wedding or birth of their child. You may also want to be there when your child is in court for being with someone who was drinking underage.

Should the time come that your family needs Louisburg lawyers for a traffic offense, know that you can choose Batton & Guin to everyone cope with the legal burden. While it may seem easier to just plead guilty, you might save yourself if you get started early as today. Risks of drinking and driving include:

1. Suspension from Driving

2. Damaged Driving Record

3. Higher Insurance Bill

4. Payment of Court Fines

5. Jail Time

To avoid some of these, put up the red light with Batton & Guin.


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