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Tomorrow is the first of May, which means that sunshine and warm weather is on the way, if it hasn’t already arrived. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take advantage of that by owning a convertible and driving around with the top down and the wind whipping through your hair.

But maybe you’ve always hesitated because of things you’ve heard about convertible ownership. For example, you’ve always been told that they’re an open invitation to car thieves. You’re probably also worried that you’ll get more speeding tickets and maybe will even need the services of a Louisburg, NC lawyer.

Well, rest easy, because here are some facts about convertible automobiles, tickets and theft that will put you at ease and get you on the road.

For starters, it is true that convertibles do experience a very slightly higher rate of theft, only around 5%, which is not generally considered a significant variant, and most of that may be accounted for by owners who follow a common urban-legend piece of advice and leave the tops down when parked. It turns out that you can have a convertible without worrying about theft by following these few simple steps, which are:

  • Obviously, do not leave the top down when you’re not in the car.
  • Have proper security systems like an electronic immobilizer installed. These systems will prevent the car from starting without the proper electronic key – this keeps thieves from being able to hotwire (aka short-circuit) the car like you see in movies. Many luxury cars come with this feature standard – ask your dealer if yours will.
  • Electronic door locks that activate anti-theft. This way, even if the thief gets into your car by cutting into the soft top, the car will not start because the doors have not been unlocked.

The convertibles that account for the higher rate of theft tend to be cars with weaker standard security systems. These are mostly Japanese imports. If you have proper security systems in place, your car is in not in any more danger by having a soft top. All security systems can be installed as aftermarket features, so don’t worry if you already bought your car.

One thing you should watch out for when you own a convertible, though, is robbery. Convertibles are more vulnerable to snatch and grabs and scams at stop-lights and, again, if you leave the top down while you’re not in it, people will steal your things. Be smart, and you can enjoy all the benefits and flair of having a convertible. If you haven’t been smart, or a thief has been smarter, and you find that you need a lawyer, call Louisburg, NC lawyer.

Also good news, there is also zero evidence that convertibles get more speeding tickets than hard top cars. The biggest factor in speeding tickets, according to police officers, is whether or not a car is going noticeably faster than the cars around it. Follow the flow of traffic. Keep in mind that it’s easy to get carried away in a convertible, since the faster you go the stronger the wind and the more exhilarating the ride. Be careful and if you do get into trouble, call Louisburg, NC lawyer.

And a final tip for enjoying your new convertible – it’s best to drive with the windows up while the top is down! This reduces noise exposure considerably, and may save you from painful ear drums after a long day of driving.

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